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Escola de Samba de Toronto

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The Escola de Samba de Toronto is a steadily growing group of drummers, instrumentalists, singers and dancers who share a passion for Brazilian music, samba above all!

Drawing on both the talents of Toronto’s Brazilian community and on the musical resources of a small army of honorary Brazilians, the Escola de Samba is widely recognized as one of the more important cultural links between Toronto and Brazil, and certainly the most fun one. The leader and musical director of the Escola de Samba de Toronto is percussionist and musical all-rounder Alan “Canadense” Hetherington, a devotee of the Samba Enredo tradition of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo for nearly fifteen years. At the receiving end of Hetherington’s knowledge is the Escola de Samba’s core, a percussion “bateria” consisting of over 35 people who have all been transformed by the power and beauty of samba.

The Escola de Samba de Toronto was originally formed as a result of the desire by the Brazilian community in Toronto to participate in the city's summer festivities. Today, the Escola de Samba de Toronto is a forum for the study, practice, and performance of one of Brasil's most creative art forms. Our roots and influences stem from some of the highly revered proponents of the tradition including Mestre Serjao from the rural Escola de Samba Arco Iris in Jundiai , Sao Paulo; Mestre Sombra of Mocidade Alegre (Sao Paulo); Mestre Odilon ( Grande Rio ); Mestre Celsinho (Unidos do Tijuca); and Mestre Beto (Imperatriz Leopoldinense). Each of these escolas embodies the spirit that drives the Escola de Samba de Toronto.

Where To Find Us

If you live in the Toronto area and are interested in participating in the Escola de Samba de Toronto and want more info please click here to contact us. We’re at the Royal Conservatory of Music every Sunday. To take lessons with us click here (Adult >> World Music Programs).

The Bateria

At the heart of every escola de samba is the percussion section, or the Bateria. If you are interested in learning to play any of the many percussion instruments you can become a member of the Bateria. New participants are always welcome to play -- it's an excellent opportunity to pick up an instrument, perform our music, and have fun meeting other Bateria members.

The Dance

You can learn how to samba with expert professional instruction by some of Canada’s greatest sambistas. Whether you have danced before or this is your first time, our teachers will challenge you, give you a great workout, and you’ll have lots of fun. To take lessons with us click here (Adult >> World Music Programs).

Performance Engagements

The Escola de Samba de Toronto is available for performing engagements. An exciting and colourful spectacle, rich in the tradition of Brazilian Carnaval, the Escola explodes with delirious musical energy at every event!

Escola de Samba de Toronto. Rooted In The Brazilian Spirit.
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