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Photo Gallery 2009

Escola de Samba
Rainha da bateria, 2009

Filo’s show with Sambacana at Lula Lounge: Unbeleivable!

Another Lula show

Cibelle Iglesias. Que gatona!

Soundscaping for "HP Sauce" on Sambacana’s new CD

Our lovely Mestre: Filo Machado (and friends)

Bateria Carnaval 2009. What a blast, even with limited vision and no ventilation!!

Harbourfront Hot Spot Festival

Crowds at the Corso Italia festival

Wasaga Beach: memories of Garuja!

Wasaga Beach: Our lovely Torcida!

Wasaga Beach: Os caras das caixas!

One of our Lula shows

Sambacana recording in São Paulo

Alan and Chocolatte in the studio in Sampa

Alan and Maria Rita at Trama Estudios

Alan and Ed Motta at trama Estudios

Filo, Alan and Duda at Quase Estudios

bateria at Canterbury Studio

after a day of "loucura" let’s record som more!

Photo Archive » » 2009 · 2008 · 2006 · 2005 · 2004 · 2003
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