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Welcome to Samba Toronto!

Royal Conservatory of Music Brazilian Samba course
Royal Conservatory of Music Brazilian Samba course
Here you'll find everything samba: the intimate stylings of Mistura Fina; the elegance of Wave; the Carnaval sounds of Sambacana, and the percussive revelry of the Escola de Samba. This site has its roots in samba and was founded by The Escola de Samba de Toronto-one of Canada's foremost cultural links to Brazil.

The Escola de Samba tradition, with its root in the Brazilian spirit, has planted itself here in Toronto where it's budding with fun for everyone of all ages.

The Escola de Samba tradition was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1928, founded by a group interested in participating in Rio's now famed Carnaval. Their goal was simple: to unite a community in an effort to combine story, music and dance in celebration of creativity and happiness. In a world today where humankind is often challenged by great conflict, escolas -- now in existence the world over -- promote some of our greatest qualities: fellowship and goodwill focused on creating good works. Throughout this creative process individuals from all walks of life come together to develop their talents which often reach remarkable heights. The result is a model for harmonious existence in today's world.

Read on to find out more of what we're about, and look at the other talented groups that have grown out of our Escola.

Gal Costa, Filo Machado and Sambacana
November 15 2009 @ Massey Hall 7:30pm. Click here for tickets
Gal Costa, Filo Machado and Sambacana @ Massey Hall November 15

A brand new voice in Musica Popular Brasileira
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Sambacana CD

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Hino G.R.E.S. Toronto

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