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Oficina do Samba

A forum for Bateria members, the Escola de Samba and enthusiasts alike to study regularly performed material -- Carnaval winning themes along with some of the "classic standards" from the Samba Enredo repetoire.

Mangueira. Atrás da Verde e Rosa Só Não Vai Quem Já Morreu

[] Tamborim Chart Music Click here (*.pdf format) Mangueira. 1994. Atrás da Verde-e-Rosa

[] Listen Live Click here (*.mp3 format) Atrás da Verde-e-Rosa

Bahia é luz de poeta ao luar Bahia is a poet under the moonlight
Misticismo de um povo Mistic people
Salve todos orixás Praise all the Gods(1)
Quem me mandou estrelas de lá, foi São Salvador, pra noite brilhar It was Salvador who sent me its stars2 to shine in the night
Mangueira! Jogando flores pelo mar Mangueira(2), throwing flowers in the sea
Se encantou com a musa Que a Bahia dá was charmed by the muse from Bahia
Obá berimbau ganzá(3)  
O capoeira Joga um verso pra iaiá (bis) capoeira, play some verses to Iaia(4)
Caetano e Gil, o Caetano-Veloso and Gilberto - Gil
Com a tropicalia no olhar With Tropicalia(5) in their eyes
Doces bárbaros ensinando a brisa a bailar Doces Barbaros(6) teaching the breeze to dance
A meiguice de uma voz, uma cancao the sweet voice, a song
No teatro Opináo, Bethania explode coracao In the Opiniao(7) theater, Maria-Bethania explodes her heart(8)
Domingo no parque, amor, alegria alegria, eu vou, a flor, na festa do interior, seu nome é Gal  
Aplausos ao cancioneiro Put your hands to the singers
É Carnaval é Rio De Janeiro It's Carnival, It's Rio!
Me leva que eu vou Take me and I'll go with you
Sonho meu My dream
Atrás da verde-e-rosa So nao vai quem ja morreu (bis
(1) This song pays homage to Bahia (the largest Northeast state of Brazil and the one with the largest black population) for its rhythms, beliefs and of course, its famous singers Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Maria Bethania and Gal Costa. These four, formed a group in the late 60's called Doces Barbaros (Sweet Barbarians) that produced some of the best mixes of Brazilian rhythms and poetry. In the awake of the Carnival in 1994, they were all turning 50 or over, so Mangueira decided to homage them with a samba.

Many references in this samba are to the titles of their songs (specially in the second strophe) and Verde-e-Rosa (green and pink) is an informal way to refer to Mangueira, the escola de samba, since it is named after the mango tree that had green leafs and pink fruit.
(2) Reference to Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Maria Bethania and Gal Costa.
(3) Oba' is an entity in the African cult of Candomble' (black magic)
(4) Berimbau is a percussion/string instrument well known into the capoeira circles and Ganza' is a type of shaker, with sand, very common in samba and pagode rhythms.
Translation courtesy of Daniel Galvao
Escola de Samba de Toronto. Rooted In The Brazilian Spirit.
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